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Proofing basket

When the dough is rising, there is nothing better than a handy aid in the form of a container for fermentation. The loaves - smooth, indented or with a special pattern - help shape the dough, keep it warm and absorb moisture, which optimally regulates the rising process    and creates a pleasant, even texture. The dough rises evenly in them and reaches the desired shape, whether you choose round, oval or non-traditional. After rising, it is lifted out of the pan and ready to be baked. 

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Bread Dough

Rattan proofing basket
round shape

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Rattan proofing basket
oval shape

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Straining Flour
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Making Bread

Rattan proofing basket of a special shape

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Cellulose proofing basket

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Chef Preparing Food

Plastic proofing basket

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Fresh Loaf of Bread
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