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Making Croissants

Bakery equipment

for bakeries, pastry shops, pizzerias

Achieving efficient production of bread or pastries with minimal effort requires modern technology. We offer complete equipment for your operation - from reliable ovens,  professional mixers, proofing chambers and innovative molding machines  to packaging equipment for freshly baked products. Precisely regulate the temperature, mix the dough to a perfect state, allow control of the rising process and shape the dough into the desired forms. Bakery equipment brings reliability, conscertainty    and increased production capacity, which is key for successful and high-quality production, etccustomer peace of mind. 

Light and Shadow

Months of journey


Spiral mixer, planetary mixer,

with fixed or removablemovable bed, bed tipper,...


Dough rollers


Rounding into a loaf shape, conical  rounder,..they shape the dough afterdesired shapes and will increase the quality of the final product by molding the dough to an optimal smooth shape.

Flour sifter


Flour purification and aeration

it removes impurities from the flour, oxygenates it and moves it to the mixer bowl, making it softer

and a more homogeneous dough.

Bread cutters


They cut the resulting product perfectly and in a minimum of time.

Divide the dough


Automatic, semi-automatic, manual dividers, 

they divide the dough of different consistency into portions of the required shapes quickly and accurately.

Dough rolling pin


Manual, semi-automatic, automatic,

they roll out the dough to the optimal thickness efficiently

and reliably. Simple compact machine, light pedal control, for example,

or a fully automated spreader.

Acid plant


Dough rising in a controlled environment at optimal temperature and humidity is

by rationalizing the production process - you will keep the dough in stable conditions ready for baking.

Planting equipment


Manual, semi-automatic, automatic loading device 

special forming equipment, canvas for planting equipment, ultrasonic cutter, roll counter, die tipper,filler, package, ...


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