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The SATURNO ring oven is used for baking all kinds of bakery products, from small pastries to large loaves of bread.

The extremely compact rotary oven ELICOTT is able to ensure the best baking of all types of bread and bakery products using rotating hot air.

The modular oven is a puzzle with many accessories. It has compact dimensions,  regulation of the heating power for the floors and ceiling of the heating chamber is separate and controlled by a microprocessor thermal regulator. 

Cyclothermal chamber floor furnace LEOPARD  it can be disassembled, which allows for simple and quick installation. 

The electrically heated chamber floor oven ELETTRICI allows you to bake all kinds of bread, pastries, and sponge cakes.


Pece will be made to measure,

according to your requirements, preferences  

and spatial possibilities. 

Let us know about your idea 

and together we will find the ideal solution for your perfect operation. 

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