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Everything you need to make bread 

Regardless of whether you are just entering the market, whether you are a small bakery that wants to expand, or a large-scale production that is trying to optimize the efficiency of its operation, our solutions will be adapted to your specific needs. We will make an oven for you, provide a comprehensive assortment of high-quality equipment, and help with the selection of accessories - so that your home always smells of fresh, crispy bread.  

Light and Shadow

Our bread oven suggestion:



It maintains the heated temperature of the oven for a long time, which is why it is the best choice for continuous baking of a large amount of bread. We will manufacture the furnace taking into account your conditions, assemble it on site so that it fits perfectly into the premises and forms the reliable heart of the operation.

Recommended heating medium:



They bring an innovative way of saving and are an ecological source of heat with low heating costs. We will provide you with their regular delivery, we will find a suitable burner and conveyor

and reservoirs.

Selection of bakery equipment:


Mixér je základnou voľbou každej prevádzky. Uľahčí prácu a ušetrí čas pri prvotnom spracovaní cesta. Zabezpečíme Vám model zodpovedajúci Vašim požiadavkám, aby efektívne dopĺňal výrobný  proces pekárne.

Choice of accessories:

vozik 4_edited_edited.png

The trolley is an essential helper for the smooth operation of the operation.

It will be used for manipulation

with sheets and transportation of products. We will design and manufacture it exactly to your specifications. 

Choice of accessories:



Aby Vaše cesto zväčšilo svoj objem na dokonalý tvar, zabezpečíme Vám odber ošatiek podľa Vašich preferencií - okrúhle, oválne, so špeciálnym vzorom. Po vykysnutí sa cesto rovnomernej textúry z ošatky vyklopí a je pripravené k pečeniu. 

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